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Please note, after years of working with families and children, I will be retiring from my active consulting practice in June 2019.  In the preceding months, I will be taking a limited number of clients.

It has been my pleasure to have worked with so many families to solve the common sleep struggles of babies and children, and I thank all who have given me the opportunity to work with them!


Some of the biggest challenges parents face are sleep problems of infancy and early childhood -- and the behavior and development issues that arise in the toddler years and beyond.

As a teacher of young children for more than 20 years I've navigated these common concerns with hundreds of parents and now offer my services as a sleep and parenting consultant. 

What services do I offer?

  • Sleep Coaching: Advice and support for sleep deprived parents and their non-sleeping infants and children as well as for older children who struggle with sleep
  • Parenting Help: Guidance for parents with general parenting issues, such as setting up routines, handling transitions, facing difficult stages ("the terrible twos"), and dealing with challenging behaviors
  • Presentations: Educational talks about sleep for medical professionals, educators, therapists, and parents

I have a strong interest both in the importance of sleep for healthy development in babies and children and in the connections between lack of sleep and the development of learning disorders and ADHD. I truly enjoy working with parents and I have a supportive and encouraging style. Published resources, knowledge of best practices, and current research in the field inform my work. More about me.